Substation Communications Study - Midwestern US

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Location: Midwestern US

POWER provided engineering services for conceptual design, specification, and recommendation of communication systems for 13 existing substations and one new substation. The purpose of the project was to connect all the substations with a new Wide Area Network infrastructure design taking into account current needs and preparing for future needs, including smart grid initiatives. POWER met with stakeholders and assessed existing locations to determine utility communications requirements for various applications including SCADA, system protection, billing and metering, and workforce mobility. POWER then studied both widely-accepted and emerging technologies, including communications processors, communications multiplexers, fiber optics, network interface equipment, and wireless solutions for applicability and compliance with IEEE, IEC, and NERC CIP standards, and recommended comprehensive solutions for future adoption and implementation. POWER also provided conceptual designs and bills of material based on the recommended technology. Study results were presented in a comprehensive report.