Operations Assessments

POWER combines technical expertise with financial insight to review and assess your power plant operations and provide support where you need it.

Key Services

Equipment Analysis and Review

We review your technical and operational data and provide/verify appropriate equipment sizing for optimal operation and efficiency of your generation and balance-of-plant assets.

Startup QA and QC

We provide technical oversight during outages to ensure your milestones and critical-to-quality parameters are met.

Plant Performance Software Modeling

Using advanced modeling software, we develop process models based on plant-specific historical data to improve the design, analysis and optimization of your thermal power plants.

Performance Testing Support

We oversee plant acceptance tests and pre- and post-component upgrade tests—including review of performance test procedures and reports, reviewing and analyzing test data, and witnessing on-site tests.

Component-Based Performance Analysis

We generate custom spreadsheet tools that help your staff track overall plant and component performance trends. Or we can retain the spreadsheet tools and provide periodic reports as part of a remote monitoring service.

Performance Training

We train your staff on performance of gas and steam turbines, HRSGs, condensers, cooling towers, boilers, feedwater heaters, pumps, instrumentation, performance monitoring and startup/shutdown.