Overhead Transmission

You face a lot of challenges with an overhead transmission project. POWER Engineers can help you overcome those challenges to complete a successful venture.

Creative Solutions for Your Project

Natural obstacles. Environmental hurdles. Regulatory constraints. Crowded corridors.

Every project is different. But whatever your challenge, POWER Engineers delivers creative solutions that help your overhead transmission project move ahead.

As the largest transmission line engineering consulting group in the United States, POWER can call on our talented team of engineering, construction management and environmental experts to respond to your needs. You gain the right answer the first time, saving time in planning and money during construction.

Resources Based on Your Needs

Our expertise ranges from distribution to extra-high voltage on every structure type. With one of the most experienced transmission line engineering staffs in the United States and located in multiple offices around the county, we can support small local projects or major programs.

POWER’s nimble approach allows us to adjust resources based on the needs of your project, further keeping costs down. Our experts work seamlessly as an extension of your staff. We become a part of your team to help you be successful.

Overhead Transmission Design and Support Services