FERC Order 1000

A Strategic Approach for FERC 1000

As a consultant for most of the major utilities and independent transmission developers in the US, we know that FERC 1000 is having a major impact in the industry. To be successful in the FERC 1000 process, we recommend participating in ISO/RTO planning meetings, identifying potential projects, and learning the RTO criteria and planning process. It also helps to work with a consultant like POWER who understands the process.

Full-Service Engineering Approach

Based on our experience across several of the ISO/RTO regions, the FERC 1000 proposal process is fast-paced, requires extensive effort, and is still evolving. Our clients have turned to us for thorough scope development and preliminary project planning to help them develop complete and competitive project proposals. Our services include:

Our technical depth and knowledge of construction, environmental permitting, and operation/maintenance practices across the US allow us to offer valuable insight during the critical competitive proposal process.

Your Ally for FERC 1000 Success

We have actively developed strategies and tools to assist our clients on FERC 1000 and similar competitive project opportunities. See how POWER can support your FERC 1000 efforts.