What Is Cityworks?

With mapping and reporting capabilities at their fingertips, staff at all levels—field workers, call takers, and administration—get the information they need to perform their jobs efficiently and make wise use of the resources to manage assets and provide services.  In Cityworks, service requests, work orders, inspections, and projects are used to track citizen concerns and all types of work activities—preventive or reactive—with their associated costs. Mapped event layers can be created to display information such as all open requests, pending switch cabinet inspection, all repaired potholes for a given time period, etc. The combination of asset information, location data, work history, asset condition and cost information are tracked and readily available to analyze the efficiencies of your workforce and to form the underpinnings of your organization’s asset management program.  Adding Cityworks Server PLL to a deployment provides all the land-focused asset management capabilities for permitting, licensing, and code enforcement.