Food Safety

At POWER, we take food safety seriously. Our top priority is to help our food clients protect their clients – the consumer. We understand the complexities of the food industry – the unpredictable nature of ingredients, the unique characteristics of each product, and the importance of uncomplicated sanitation processes.

Our design teams maintain a continuous connection to the ever-changing regulatory environment and industry practices. Our project managers and engineers find solutions that best meet the requirements for client’s products and operations while keeping in mind acceptable best practices. We do this by committing to understand the unique requirements of their plant through interviews with key stakeholders. We design and specify hygienic systems that are easily and effectively cleaned and maintained while still assuring overall production effectiveness and efficiency. We can also offer a pair of “fresh eyes” and complete audits of existing systems to provide recommendations for improvements to sanitary processes.

We are committed to food safety in order to create a protected and healthy process environment for our clients and their products.