Energy Facility Licensing

The complex process of energy facility licensing can be overwhelming, but by bringing in the POWER team early in the process, you’ll be prepared for the myriad requirements of managing state utility commission siting processes with Federal, state, and local permitting.  We have the knowledge, technical discipline depth, and experience with Federal, state, and local regulatory requirements to obtain project approvals, permits, and licenses.

We go the extra mile to combine this knowledge and experience with an in-depth look at the challenges your project may face, such as agency review and scrutiny by stakeholders, interest groups, and the public. This strategic consideration helps us understand and anticipate potential impediments to obtaining permits, approvals, and licenses for your project, and then create proactive solutions to keep your scope, schedule, and costs on track.

Energy Facility Licensing Services

Our team has extensive experience in the preparation of a wide range of permit applications and plans, including: